• Gabi Timm

My love of art and design.

Good design is everywhere today – in things we buy, what we read, spaces we live, eat and work in. I am continually falling in love with good design, clever ideas and aesthetically pleasing art.

Whether you judge 'art and design' because of a clever function, or an aesthetic response, it is always apparent when things start with a clear concept and/or intention - even if that intention is simply to create.

I love my blended world of art and design. With a variety of briefs I have the opportunity to work on both simple projects and consuming campaigns -  the challenge is always new and stimulating. My passion remains through the diversity in my work. Solving problems from a wide range of clients, industries, audiences, media and mediums - keeps me on my toes and in touch with the world and its changes - and the creative process.

I value my client relationships that develop over the years, many of these having started with a simple design project and ending up managing all brand material. I thank you for your loyalty - it has always been a pleasure looking after your needs.

I am an 'old school' designer with 'new school' ability - where ideas are paramount and the execution is unequivocally matched. I love the purity of design from concept to completion at the highest level, the use of colour, scale, typography, texture and style -but good ideas create great inspiration and I am always happy to be inspired by yours.

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