Based on the Sunshine Coast, this graphic design studio is committed to delivering exceptional design through a wide range of communication services with a fresh and creative edge. 

The approach is simple: deliver clear and effective communications solutions that are strategically created to suit the needs of each client, small or big, new or established.

With experience across a wide range of services from brand development to publishing, advertising and beyond, the work is a balance of creativity, vision, technical expertise and intention to create an engaging and successful individual result.

I am an independent consultant, with fewer overheads than larger agencies, providing clients with better value for money. To complement this service, I work in collaboration with copywriters, web developers, photographers and printers to complete the project from concept to conclusion with integrity, expertise and a single point of contact.


In stark contrast to my design works my art does not fill a brief or solve a problem - it is an intuitive organic process.

The artwork predominately features motifs of an Australian contemporary landscape. The journey is a struggle with time, place and a sense of identity.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who compiles, creates and constructs  from various materials into a multitude of forms. I am continually exploring new techniques and materials and learning new formats to express my creativity. From paperclay to wax, perspex, plaster and  concrete in sculpture -  to acrylics, graphite, charcoal, intaglio printing, oils blended with turpentine and tar in a mixed media form. Found objects are a source of inspiration, and as a result of my design training - graphic elements and typographic markings repeatedly emerge in my works.